Our Story

Rodizio Do Brazil is an authentic Brazilian restaurant where we provide top quality food, service and unforgettable dining experience to our customer.

All-you-can-eat Rodizio Do Brazil Brazillian Churrascaria and Bar offers buffet spread includes a Western and Chinese salad bar, a wide selection of premium meat and seafood mixed together with six different types of dessert with fruit platter.

We takes pride that our beef and lamb are grass-fed and not grain-fed. Grass-fed meat has many benefits like it is higher in nutrients, lower in fat, fewer hormones and added chemicals.

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Rodizio Do Brazil serves traditional Brazilian barbecued meats and seafood, which are rotisserie-grilled.  Upon entering the restaurant, you will be attended to your desk by our passadors. All meats and seafood are freshly-grilled in the kitchen and the knife-wielding passadors will serve skewer of barbecue right at the table of the diners.

Come experience the tastes of Brazil in our restaurant with a great culinary experience!

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